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Evon M. Boykins Sept. 15, 2015 Wednesday

Now it's time to REST in GOD before I go on My Gospel Soul Radio today at 12 pm noon with another one of my Spiritual Daughterm who love GOD and love serving God's Children (US) and PREACHING and TEACHING GOD's WORD, too!

PastorJennice Cook Jackson  was ANOINTED the day I meet her standing in the yard in South Park and Still Anointed today, years later! She loved GOD then and she still loves GOD today! This pastor has a HEART for GOD and KINGDOM WORK! I have seen her UP, DOWN, HIGH, LOW, MOVE FORWARD, STEP BACKWARDS, REEVALUATE what she HEARD from GOD and GIVE IT ALL SHE HAS to SERVE GOD!

She will PRAISE GOD, PREACH GOD's WORD, MINISTER in SEASON and out of SEASON and what I can say, she knows GOD and she knows WHAT GOD told her to do, even when GOD tells her to GO here or THERE!


I love her, I love her FAMILY, and thankful to have CROSSED PATHS in our life time here on EARTH! Praying ALL is WELL for you all! NO MATTER the STORMS of LIFE, know that GOD is in CONTROL and let GOD have you and them! Love you, all! heart emoticon

Pastor Evon M. Boykins
Spiritual Mother

God is Good

Pastor Jennice is a woman of many gifts. Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Talk Show Host, Charcoal Artist, and the list goes on. She’s a twin and was born to Billy and Tessra Cook in Atlanta, TX. Her Family grew up between Atlanta, Dallas, and settled in Houston, TX. Even as a little girl in East Texas she dreamed of being a singer or someone famous. Even though very athletic, her favorite thing to do was to sing. She song on the school bus, in church, at the softball field, during recess and even in her grandfathers old shed. She can still remember the first Song she wrote, “That man is the man I want.” Now being raised in the church,” COCIC” District meetings, musicals, and other programs gave her a foundation to start from. She led songs like “Yes Lord” and song solos like “Down on my knees and Is it Well with my Soul!” Every time She thinks about It she can still hear the old piano leading her into the chorus. “Down on my knees, when trouble rise I talk to Jesus beyond the skies, He promise me, he’d hear my plea, if I would tell him down on my knees.” Those were the days!

The Crusader 

 Jennice gave her life to the Lord in October of 1999. Every since then, the Lord has been taking, Jennice higher in his word. Times got hard but I kept pressing. In July of 2004 after the passing of her father in Germany (he was master electrician supervising in the Rebuild in Iraq) Jennice, along with her mother started crusading (Heal the Land Crusades). They started on a vacant concrete slab in the heart of Southpark in Houston, TX. They went nonstop for two weeks reaching out to souls with nothing but a karaoke machine and a microphone. I know you are saying crusade, “exciting”. No, it’s obedience. They have now been to different locations all around the Houston Area. They still crusade today even if it on the front lawn.

The Gospel Soul Singer 

The name of her Project is “Joy To Me”. Her brother, Napolean “Talent” Cook produced the CD. The Music and some vocals are done by not only him but her little brother Chris Cook of Cook Boy Productions. We collaborated together and came up with a CD of original songs that are true to my soul like Father, Live it for real and Joy to Me. God made her with a unique voice and style that is sure to bring glory and honor to his name.  She has song in concerts, church events, rehab centers, and Christian block parties.  She has song a long side Deacon Ham, Ola Kuku, God’s Writer, V-Dazzle, G-Child, Wyzeman, Da Key, Called to Deliver and many, many more.  She prays that lives will be changed and souls Delivered in Jesus name.

The Talk Show Host  

The host of an internet talk show called MY GOSPEL SOUL. The show airs Mon-Fri  12pm central. This forum is use to address real issues that are going on in our lives today and how to overcome through the Power of the Word of God. She also interviews up and coming artist, giving them a chance to promote themselves as well as minister to the people through testimony.  Our goal is to celebrate everyday heroes that wouldn’t ordinarily be recognized. Jennice Jackson has a vision and with the Lord on her  side she believes that this Show can shoot to the top.  In her first year My Gospel Soul listener base sky rocketed to over 6000 listeners and now has blown to over 185,000.  She also does video interviews on Gospel TV which is her you tube channel also online.  She has interviewed on radio/video Pastor Phylis Martin(Founder of Root of A Woman Ministry and Christian Magazine), Divine Wellness Magazine,  Litarodi, God’s Writer, Wendy M, Ola Kuku, Prosperity, Falu, Von Won, KB, Richard Hollis, CVZ, LA Will, Lil CA, G-child, Shalamar, and Dora Bonner(running for Judge) and many more.  Jennice Jackson has done Commencement speeches, spoken at appreciations, anniversaries, Symposiums, and many other occasions.

Magazine: Jmade Magazine, My Gospel Soul Magazine

Thank You God Bless.

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