Notes from Biblestudy @ New Covenant Fellowship Church/ Pastor Rickey Guidry

1. Spiritual Cleansing.
2. Feel Better Physically.
3. Clears the Mind- Enhance understanding of Scripture
4. Produces discernment
5. Results in Closer Relationship with God!
6. Victory over Strongholds & Habits
7. Produces Confidence & Courage
8. Generates and Increases Appetite for the Word of God
9. Clears path for God to Answer Your Prayers.
10. Positions you for God to work in you and through You!

Fasting is Vital to Our Spiritual Growth.
Fasting is to abstain for the purpose of Giving Attention to God!
Demonstration of Our Commitment to God!
Fastng -Spirit Diet-Physical
Spending mealtime in Prayer.
Fasting from activity-things that you enjoy doing

During Fast; Fellowship with God, Communication Clears, Removes whatever prevents us from focusing on God, Takes Us Deeper, helps us hear.

He'll give us a course of action, when you seek him with you whole heart.
Provide insight about sin that holds us in bondage.

Is fasting a Command.
Fasting should be apart of every Christians Life.
Fasting is Private it is between You and God.
It gives direction. Imparts Wisdom and Knowledge.
He will break Through for You.
Fast can not manipulate God.
Will not speed up answer to a prayer.
Fasting prepares the heart to hear him speak.
Will confirm his word through signs or a word through someone.

Through pushing aside work, pleasure, and playing. Your mind becomes clear.
Desire increases to hear from God. Creates a hunger and thirst in our spirit.
Cluttered mind can't hear.....
Got to be Sold Out and Focused on him. He'll open up somethings!
This revelation prepares you for cleansing.
Helps us to face somethings in our lives.
Helps us realize that we desperately need God!
Breaks Strongholds that only can be broken by God!