Today I woke up with freedom on my mind.  Freedom in my spirit!  Sometimes we are so busy living, struggling and worrying  in this world that we can't really see God.  I put my bed by my window so that every morning I could see the power of God.  I don't wake up lonely. I don't wake up sad and down on myself, wondering what could go wrong today.  I wake up with an understanding that God didn't have to wake me but he did.  Then I ask and listen for what he will have me to do for him today.  I tell him "Thank You Lord For another day!"  

Freedom sometimes is as simple as letting some things go. Having Peace is as simple sometimes as letting somethings go.  Forgiving someone. Forgiving yourself.  We carry so much and want to be accepted by everyone. I am here to tell you that you need to dump that stuff and accept yourself.  God knew what he was doing when he made you.  Trust that he did. Trust that everything you face in your life he already knew that it would come and he has a plan.  Let his plan be made perfect.  Let it manifest itself.  We try to help it and it becomes a mess before the blessing and breakthrough. And when the blessing comes you look around and realized that there is no one to share it with because of the things that you did out of fear during the process.  

Which brings to mind Jacob and Esaus' mother.  When she carried the two in her belly.  God let her know that the younger would rule over the older. She began to manipulate and try to help God.  And for that the younger brother ended up on the run from his brother. God has been on the throne before we were a whisper.  Why do we feel as though God needs a little help.  Well part of it is because we lack trust in the process.  

Trust God
~Pastor Jackson~