Have you ever wondered why your were not getting your break through?  You prayed at a certain time everyday, faithfully and it seems as though your prayers were just hitting the ceiling! Well there is a way that we were instructed to pray as believers and I know that in today's time it may seem foreign. The times tell us that it is not popular.  The next best popular Television Evangelist has gotten a divine revelation on how we should pray!  But none of these seem to work! Don't get me wrong! That word, for that moment, for that break through,  at that time may just be what gets you what you are in need of, as an act of faith.  But I want to talk to that one that is needing to experience God like never before.   

In Matthew 6:9 We all know that the Lords prayer is located there in red print.  The Red Print signifies that these are the words that Jesus Christ spoke. We take this prayer and we teach it to our children and we say it before we go to sleep and sometimes before eat.   Sunday school children classes, vacation bible school and in other church programs for children we teach this prayer word for word!  We teach this prayer so much so till it become common place and the purpose of it overlooked.  I would like to take this moment to share with you that the Lords Prayer is more than just a childs prayer, this is The Kingdom Prayer that Produces Kingdom Results!