Is it Possible to Miss Your Reward
Matthew 6:1-8

If youare reading this blog, then you have read the previous.  You are ready to began to pray Kingdom Prayers.  Chapter 6 begins with telling us how important it is to make sure that all the Glory and Honor goes to God.  It talks about Alms, which is our good deeds or works.  We are told repetitively to make sure that we are not seeking to be awarded or seen by man.  Jesus Christ describes the spirit or desire as the way of the hypocite.  The Hypocrite as talked about in verses 2&5 wants glory from man, so their works are done in the streets and synagogues.  They even pray in the streets and synagogues to be heard of man.  We must be so careful in our lives to make sure that God is getting the Glory for every work that is worked through us!  We are told that when man acknowledges our alms(good deeds), we have no reward from our Father which is in heaven.  This is whom all our blessings flow and heaven is where they are released from.  So it is very important that our approach towards God be in such a way of reverence and expectation! 

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Pastor Jennice Jackson