The question of the time of day, week, month, and year is not difficult to ascertain. The great question has for thousands of years is not the time of day, but what is time itself? 

The answer is within this book! Empirical evidence and time proves God created the universe. Scientific discoveries of an expanding and accelerating , a flat universe, and elementary particles prove the Bible is divinely inspired. Gary Driver connects the dots of the bible and science to reveal the picture of time itself and creation.

GOD answers such critics as Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins, who declared God is a delusion and not needed in creation. Empirical scientific/biblical evidence contained in this book presents the whole true picture. The mountain of scientific and biblical evidence about the universe outlined in this book totally refutes those assertions and proves the bible is ofdivine origin. Modern science proves the God of the bible! (See Points of Proof) 

“God’s handiwork is everywhere; therefore, saying that God is missing is like traveling around the globe in search of the Earth”.  -- What Is Time –Gary Driver.