Notes by Pastor J. Sunday School Lesson taught by Sister Tessra Cook of God's Word Holiness Church

Taking a Stand
Acts 26:19

Paul took a stand in the Gospel when it was not a popular thing!  Paul took a stand in the Gospel even while his very life was on the line for his past!  Sometimes our past has a way of trying dictate our future after we have been born again.  But we have to be bold enough to declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ no matter what state we find ourselves in!

Let's talk about your Rep!  Reputation!  
Good Rep with Man or God?  You choose!  But I promise you that man doesn't have the power over you final destination.  Man has nothing to do with your victory, Man has nothing to do with your freedom. man has nothing to do with the redemption of your sins.  Man has nothing to do with your healing.  Man has nothing to do with grace.  You Choose!

You can not get caught up with what people will say about you!  God Count's!  We must live a Holy and Clean Life! You can't live by the worlds standard. We must be more concern with our reputation and representation with God.  There should be a difference between us and the world!  

God  protects us even when we are in a bondage situation. Paul was in prison and declaring his freedom.  See what the world sees and what God is doing is two totally different things!  We must learn to look at things through the eyes of God.  The things that God protected Paul from while he was there were many.  And Paul chose to minister.  He learn to be content and take every opportunity to witness and tell of God's goodness.  People even began to bring up his education and position and he let them know that that had nothing to do with his present state of mind. We must trust God and understand that God will take care of us.  Lot of people in prison today fail to see the God in there situation. Alot of them are bitter, not realizing that if they hadn't spent that time incarcerated they may have been dead today. Paul fulfilled the call on his life. We must do the same and not allow people to use a present trial or bondage situation to rob us of our freedom in God!   

I could image the fullness that Paul felt when sharing who God is.  Paul's conviction as a follower of Jesus Christ was so strong King Agrippa, confessed that he almost persuaded him to be a Christian(Act 29:28)

Read Paul Story of His life and Conversion Act 22 

Few More notes:

Paul Declared Soberness when the world began to call him Crazy!
Know how to act when you are in Trouble!  by Pastor Gray
As children of God we should be able to give thanks for where are, could have been, should have been.
Our Testimony should always glorify God!
Some people know the truth but because of the their positions in life they deny the faith to keep it!
Being arrested by the Gospel means being free from sin!  Glory to God!
Faithfulness to sharing the Gospel will put us at odds with man/the world!
Free no matter what state you are in!

God Bless 
Pastor J.Jackson