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What is Consecration

April 26, 2015

Consecration Begins by Understanding Your Part in Consecration and God's!
Defining Consecration
The Bible says, "You shall consecrate yourselves therefore and be holy, for I am the Lord your God" (Leviticus 20:7).
A technical definition of consecration means that you are to set yourself apart from evil, turn to the Lord, and be prepared to be used by God.
Consecration - Our part and God’s
Consecration plays an important role in your growth toward God. But consecration has 2 parts; our part and God’s.
Our part is the practical side of separating ourselves from sinful living. Our part is the topic of this section about how to repent.
God’s part of our being consecrated, is to prepare us for His use by actually making us holy. Note that in being prepared for holy use, God has to also prepare our body for being used in ministry.
If you are a Christian, God has already cleansed you on the inside and made you holy. But consecration in the Old Testament was for cleansing the outside of vessels too.
After salvation, God's part in consecrating us for His use is to wash our body with His presence. More information about how this works is covered in the section called, "What about Shame."
Both our part and God's part in consecration work together.
Half of our part in consecration involves separating ourselves from evil by continually working with our heart so that we drink from earthly sources less and less all the time. But doing that is only half of what we can do for practical holy living.
The other half of our part in consecration is that of actually drawing near to God and drinking.
God designed us so that we have to be "drinking" from something. By our drinking from God, purity works it's way into our experience because enjoying God's presence becomes our preferred way of quenching our thirst, not sin or unwanted behaviors. By drinking from God, the earthly ways of unrighteous living become less and less attractive to us.
But by our turning to God and drinking something else happens: God is able to do His part in consecrating us.
By our drawing near to God and our letting Him draw near to us, God is able to prepares us for His use because He washes us holy all the while He is drawing near to us.
Do you want to be prepared for God's purposes? You have to draw near to God and let Him draw near to you, or the outside of your vessel won't be consecrated to God.
God will do His part. We just have to do ours. Practical holiness and the cleansing of God for holy use cannot be separated. One without the other is not possible.
Consecration First
The Bible says, "...Now that you have consecrated yourselves to the Lord, come near..." (2 Chron. 29:31). The cross of Christ is the doorway to experiencing the presence of God. We have to consecrate ourselves before we enter the throne room to draw near to the Lord.
But please note that consecration is not something that you can do and then think you are done with it. The Bible says that "Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple." (Luke 14:27). But "carrying our cross" is something that we will always have to do.
None of us will ever grow enough to put our cross down. The Bible talks about "always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus..." (2 Cor. 4:10). Since we won't ever grow out of it, consecration has to become a way of life.
Our consecration won't ever be complete. So when it says, "...Now that you have consecrated yourselves to the Lord, come near..." (2 Chron. 29:31), this does not mean that you should be fully consecrated before you draw near to God.
Don’t wait for the day when you look at your practical righteousness and say, "Now I think I am doing good enough to draw near." If you do that, you will only be depending on the righteousness you think you have achieved and not God.
Be in consecration for several days or just a few weeks and then take steps to draw near to God.
Practical purity from consecrated living is not possible without also drawing near and quenching our thirst with God: you have to enter and drink the Spirit. Otherwise, your thirst will drive you back to earthly sources. If consecrating yourself doesn't also turn you to God, you will find yourself just as bad off as when you started.
You can do your part! You can trust God to do His.


April 26, 2015

Do you feel disconnected from God? Are you feeling Burned out? Then it just might be Consecration time. This is for those that understand that you always have to take time alone with the Lord. We do so much as men and women of God that sometime your prayer life and fasting goes lacking! So instead of hitting the next big conference why not Consecrate. Consecration is necessary for your vision, strength, and growth. It brings a closeness to the God you serve and Clarity for the future of the v...

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The Lord Specializes in Miracles and Blessings

November 27, 2014
What are you waiting on!  Step Out on Faith! God is waiting to Bless your efforts.  But if there is no act of Faith How do you expect God to move on your behalf.  He responds to faith.  I am in a faith walk that I began a couple of Months ago.  The difference between now and before is that I don't cater to doubt or anxieties.  Because if we be honest we all deal with what if it do not work out.  Now that we have come to the truth, lets push pass that and walk into he's able.  The bible says t...
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ENDURANCE! Killing the cycle of Covenant Breaking!

November 4, 2013
Endurance!  The ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stressor other
 adverse conditions; stamina:
The fact or power of enduring or bearing pain, hardships, etc.
lasting quality; duration

Psalm 30:5
For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Matthew 24:12-13 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.13 But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be save...

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Join us on Pinterest

August 30, 2013

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Hot Pursuit!

August 3, 2013
First I want to thank God for waking me up this Morning in my right mind.

I want to just comment that God created us and he is an intelligent God. A man knows with no money he can't eat. When a mother rises she knows that her family has to be taken care of and she prays for strength. Sometimes we are so busy waiting on God for things that he has given us the ability to do, that we get lazy and complacent. And expect everything to meet us at the front door. 

The word today is pursue. Go after It...

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Good Morning People of God!

June 3, 2013
Today I woke up with freedom on my mind.  Freedom in my spirit!  Sometimes we are so busy living, struggling and worrying  in this world that we can't really see God.  I put my bed by my window so that every morning I could see the power of God.  I don't wake up lonely. I don't wake up sad and down on myself, wondering what could go wrong today.  I wake up with an understanding that God didn't have to wake me but he did.  Then I ask and listen for what he will have me to do for him today.  I ...
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Pastor J. Interview Book Author Gary Driver

January 2, 2013

The question of the time of day, week, month, and year is not difficult to ascertain. The great question has for thousands of years is not the time of day, but what is time itself? 

The answer is within this book! Empirical evidence and time proves God created the universe. Scientific discoveries of an expanding and accelerating , a flat universe, and elementary particles prove the Bible is divinely inspired. Gary Driver connects the dots of the bible and science to reveal the picture of time ...

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God Will Heal Your Land!

November 29, 2012
My Gospel Soul Archive Blog..
God Will Heal Your Land!
by Jennice Jackson
- Mon, Oct 19 2009

Joel 2:25
I will restore the years that the locust hath eaten, the canker-worm, and the Caterpillar, and the Palmer-worm, my great army which I sent among you.

verses 18-24
Just a break down.....
(18.) Divine Compassion for God People.
(19.) Yea the Lord will Answer... Promise
Divine Supplies- Grain, wine, blessing
(20.) Enemies......Deliverance
(21.) Rejoicing, Gr...

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10 Advantages of Fasting

November 29, 2012

Notes from Biblestudy @ New Covenant Fellowship Church/ Pastor Rickey Guidry

1. Spiritual Cleansing.
2. Feel Better Physically.
3. Clears the Mind- Enhance understanding of Scripture
4. Produces discernment
5. Results in Closer Relationship with God!
6. Victory over Strongholds & Habits
7. Produces Confidence & Courage
8. Generates and Increases Appetite for the Word of God
9. Clears path for God to Answer Your Prayers.
10. Positions ...

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Pastor Jennice Jackson God Bless You People of God! Hope that something is said in this Blog that will bless your life. Always remember it is not how you fall it is how you get up! Get Up